Angivest Ventures invests both in global start-ups as well as start-ups in the MENA region including the Kingdom of Bahrain.

Angivest looks for companies with the following characteristics:

Early stage

Firms with a sound business idea and committed founders. We prefer firms which have already carried out the prototype, with demonstrable customer traction. Revenue generation may or may not have commenced, but we look for companies with a clear vision of the addressable market, revenue potential and the flexibility to pivot or pursue.

Technology at the forefront

Our focus is on companies having innovation at the forefront with technology that brings in more efficiency and convenience to either businesses or consumers.

Sufficiently large addressable market

Companies need to demonstrate that there is a clear market need and an identified customer segment for the innovative product. Companies should also be able to quantify the market size and detail a strategy for capturing market share over the next five years in order to achieve market leadership. Ability to test customer needs and adapt dynamically will be a key requirement for early stage start-ups who are set to transform an existing market.

Competitive advantage

Entrepreneurs and management need to identify their key competitive advantages and outline a clear strategy to maintain and build on those over the next five years in the face of increasing competition. Strong customer relationships, first-mover advantage and strong intellectual property could be some of the competitive advantages that the companies may have, that will provide the necessary impetus to achieve superior returns.

Entrepreneur and management passion

What is motivating the entrepreneurs and management to consider the business? Why do they want to create and build the business? The key motivating factors such as passion for innovation, resolve to make life easier and more convenient for consumers or businesses, financial inclusion, and other value-driven motivating factors are what we seek in entrepreneurs and management.

Digitalization and capital efficiency

We seek businesses and investments that are significantly digital and require low amounts of capital. Scalable businesses using the power of the internet, strategic relationships, innovative technology that demonstrate promise to penetrate the addressable market without consuming excessive amounts of capital would be sought by us.

Well defined exit strategy

We understand that early stage investing is high risk and our return expectations from each investment are in excess of 10x over a five year period. We seek businesses which are scalable with a clearly defined set of market participants, who could be interested in the businesses providing an exit to early stage investors. Clear road map defining critical milestones and the means to achieving the milestones would be crucial.